Why Your Religion Can't Save You.

In the end when our days on earth are done, God will ask us about our life. Did we love our neighbors who belong to other religions? Did we love those who left our religion, i.e. apostates? Did we love our enemies as Jesus commanded? Did we obey only God? Or were we obedient to humans and their human governments such as the Watchtower's theocratic government?

Jehovah's Witnesses know that it is a sin to worship false Gods. However if they were baptized after 1985, they dedicated their life to Jehovah and a human religion. See Baptism Vows

What if Watchtower doctrines are wrong? What if the organization made serious errors and displeased God in some way?

Surely God will not hold us responsible. They told us they were God's organization and his channel of communication. They said they were the truth and the light. They told us they had an exclusive relationship with Jesus and in order to be saved we need to go through them. See Mediator. If they are wrong, surely it's not our fault. Perhaps we were trusting but certainly we were not wicked. We kind of liked being submissive to those taking the lead. They were good people, or so we thought. If we were deceived, certainly it can't be our fault. Or can it? What does the Bible say?

Learn From Adam and Eve.

Adam and Eve were deceived as well.

According to the Bible, Eve blamed the snake for deceiving her. Adam blamed the wife that God gave him for deceiving him. But in the end it didn't matter. Genesis 3. Likewise, when we stand before the Lord, he will ask us if we worshipped false gods. Blaming other humans or the organization and pleading that it isn't our fault, probably will not work. We know this because blaming others didn't work for Adam and Eve. Even with good excuses they were sentenced to death and expelled from paradise for disobeying God.

Religions and belief systems (BS for short) can't save us. Put your trust only in God, not humans, man made organizations, man made rules, or images that represent God's authority. Pray directly to God for wisdom and ask him to guide you. Trust that God loves you more than you can imagine. His love for you is unconditional. He is our Father. We are his children. Trust that your heavenly Father wants the best for you and will give you far more than you ask for. God answers prayer when we put our complete 100% trust in him alone.